Monday, 5 February 2018

Gamertroll's gaming Diary 4/1/18 Xbox and Switch today!

Forza Horizon 3: XB1X

Been playing this enhanced motherfucker plenty lately. One of my fave driving games ever now. How did it do it? Sensation of speed. Freedom. Graphical fidelity and crucially a ‘who gives a fuck’ attitude to game progression. What do you want to do? Horizon 3 is going to shower you with new content whatever you do, so long as its something cool and skillful. Truthfully, It might just give you a bunch of stuff if you’re shite too, but all the better I say! Spotify running on background and Forza 3 Horizon: chillout gaming bliss.

Monster Hunter World XB1X

So I put my work hat on and went Hunting. My hunting associate, Bruise Monkey, has gone and got some farming time up on me this morning so I thought best to run some expeditions and gather some gear, kit and ingredients. All went well, and I was reminded what a fantastic world Monster Hunter.. er.. World, has. So much to pick up and harvest, it is just too much too take! Me like loot, this beautiful game gives me more loot than my brain can even process. Huzzah!

Nights into Dreams: XB360

Tried this one out today for shits and giggles: turns out I got mostly shits. I mean to say that Nights into dreams is a pile of fucking shit and it always was. I had it on Sega Saturn, collectable. Shit. Still have Christmas Nights on a disc someplace. Also shit. Be good to yourself and never play this dickless bollocks. If any game serves as a motif for a time where game developers had no idea what to do with 3D, then it’s Sega’s Nights into Dreams. The bullshit camera, the ridiculous maneuvering required to catch hoops using a totally inept control mechanic? Sonic Team sure fucked this one up. The game did however give me a 40G achievement on the first level: ‘witness the birth’ of some stupid tweedle-dumber-shaped angel-thing. Bonus!
Switched it off.

Split Second: XB360
Have a go at this, I thought. What a pleasant surprise this one turned out to be. I thought I played this game once back in the day, but it didn’t make the impression it did today.
Bizarre car handling, more like Ridge Racer or even Ray Tracers (if you remember that old PSX game), makes for a fun drift mechanic that boosts one’s ability to launch environmental explosions like tankers and construction sites and petrol stations, viscerally wrecking opponents Burnout-style without even touching them! Loadsa fun, recommend ppl play it, honestly.

Gears of War 4: XB1X
Got my daily 200credits for winning a match as usual. PvE Co-op warm up, with one PvP after that. Keeps me handy at it. I’ve plenty to say about Gears 4 multiplayer, but not today. Neeeeext!

Mario Odyssey: Nintendo Switch

Crammed in some Moons before bedtime. I reckon this game is the best Mario title since Mario 64. I even entertain the idea it is better.. whisper it.

So that was my gaming day. What should I play tomorrow? I am open to suggestions! Goodnight!

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