Monday, 7 November 2016

The Stray Demon #16 Dark Souls 3 blind Playthrough -The Old Wolf of Farron, opening the swamp gate

In Episode 16 I finally alight the towering pyres of Farron Swamp which open the gates leading beyond. I couldn't wait to leave Farron Mire with its shitty inhabitants who'll bash you to a pulp using uprooted trees or blow arcing chunks of burning toxic snot.

First, there was a small matter of the isolated section of the land bridge to scale.
Accessible only from the centre of the filthy, miserable swamp, this bulwark houses the Old Wolf Of Farron and a collossal Stray Demon high above, roaming amongst the ruined battlements. 

This is episode 16 of Gamertroll's fully commentated, Blind playthrough of Dark Souls 3. I'll be editing out only the farming of old areas, loading screens and any fiddling around in the menus. Every area and story reveal, every death, every fuck up, is committed to 1080p HD capture for your viewing pleasure!

You have my word that this is a completely virgin playthrough with no recon or prior viewings of gameplay footage ahead of recording. I have no idea about secrets, boss strategies or even what the hell NPC characters and items are about. Yes, I am prepared to die A LOT!

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