Monday, 7 November 2016

Ps4 Pro being pitched as a 4K gaming machine, surely that's barefaced fraud? The joys of small print.

Straight from Sony's own site, note the Asterisk. The image is a majestic piece of misdirection.

By this time you'll surely have heard the 'scandalous' news Sony's premium Ps4 Pro unit won't be playing the company's own brand of Blu-ray discs while it's rivals will continue to do so. Whether you choose to believe Sony's line about streaming taking over as opposed to it just being a way to save (their) money, is entirely up to you. Some might wail in anguish at this development, but films were always a secondary consideration to gaming on consoles, but mess about with or over-promise on the gaming side of matters and we're set for a head-on collision.

And so here we are, standing upon that inevitable precipice, behold the valley of bullshit, fore it is rich and verdant: 4k, 60fps Uncharted? Forget it. Try 1440p with the same 40 frame rate per second as the base Ps4 manages. Today it emerges that 60fps doesn't even seem within reach at 1440p for Sony's flagship title on this '4k' machine. If Project Scorpio also tries to pull this trick, Microsoft can fuck off with that, too. I'll take the next train thanks.

Gamertroll is not OK with these mid-gen hardware updates being sold as '4k games machines' and especially hates to be the one stating the bleedin' obvious, but 1440 isn't anywhere near 4k, be it 'natively' or otherwise, so shouldn't the advertising watchdogs be stepping in? If not, what on earth would it take for them to do so?

If one took a car to a garage who'd offered to replace 4 wheels for an agreed fee, would it be acceptable to return, peek underneath and find the bastards had only intentionally changed 2 and a half? Because that's the difference between Sony's performance promise and what Ps4 Pro finally delivers. If you've bought the damned car/4k tv, you'll want 4 tyres/4k to put on it? Just to indulgently labour the analogy further, if a base PS4 gets you 2 new tyres for the price of 2, what use is an extra half a tyre worth anyway?

If you are thinking of buying the PS4 Pro, be ready to hear Sony's pitch this Christmas, it's up to you to read the small print and decide what to do from there.
Small print, clear as mud, presumably just enough to avoid charges of fraud. It should be far harder.

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