Monday, 31 October 2016

Double Invasion and the Farron Keep #15 Dark Souls 3 Blind playthrough, Watchdogs of Farron

Episode 15 sees me become the victim of my first game invasion. 5 seconds after that sees my second. Two fuckface players invading my world at the same time with the aim of killing me and looting my corpse. Typical, just when I was fighting a giant bastard crab too. I won't spoil how it turns out.

Once free of that vindictive shit, I stumble upon the entrance to Farron keep, which is guarded.. not to mention the place has seen better days, with most of it looking like a toxic swamp, full of fuckers. The journey through Hell continues!

This is episode 15 of Gamertroll's fully commentated, Blind playthrough of Dark Souls 3. I'll be editing out only the farming of old areas, loading screens and any fiddling around in the menus. Every area and story reveal, every death, every fuck up, is committed to 1080p HD capture for your viewing pleasure!

You have my word that this is a completely virgin playthrough with no recon or prior viewings of gameplay footage ahead of recording. I have no idea about secrets, boss strategies or even what the hell NPC characters and items are about. Yes, I am prepared to die A LOT!

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