Friday, 19 February 2016

Sunset Riders (1991) Megadrive and Arcade Rom: Gamertroll Retro plays

Gamertroll's Retroplay series aims to showcase quality footage and sound reproduction from the retro games that mattered most.

There will be an attempt to discuss the trivia and the history associated with each game, but who are we trying to kid here: half the time is going to be spent hauling up childhood nostalgia interspersed with grizzly bouts of swearing. 

With the new release of the Xbox 360 Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One backwards compatibility, Sunset Riders sprang immediately to the forefront of Gamertroll's obsessed mind. 

We start off with a visit to the paired down 16bit Megadrive version before the cart get's dashed to the wall to play the original Arcade Rom on Mame. Does this classic cowboy shooter still hit the spot?

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