Monday, 15 February 2016

Gamertroll Preplay: GRIP Video ROLLCAGE Epic settings PC gameplay footage HD Capture

Do you love WipEout, F-zero and all things electromusic-fueled psychedelic future racing? Then you must know Rollcage. Rolllcage and its sequel Rollcage Stage 2 were true contenders to WipEouts crown back in the day. So it's great news to see Grip shaping up so nicely, boasting much of the original Rollcage dev team, cutting-edge graphics powered by the Unreal 4 engine and all the dark drum and bass soundtrackage you could hope for.

The game is only just out on early access Steam Greenlight, but you'll already find 3 tracks in fairly good shape which constitutes a shitload more content than R8 studios have mustered with their 1 track, 1 ship offering in the spiritual WipEout successor early access Formula Fusion.

Massive Apologies for the dodgy narration sound quality, PC game capture has proved a complete pain in the rectum thus far, but I wanted to post this video anyway due to the quality of footage and time constrains. I promise to get better at this!

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