Thursday, 21 January 2016

Let's Play Fallout 4: 'Taffington Boathouse' Gamertroll Settlement tour #6

Gamertroll's 6th Settlement tour is of the Taffington Boathouse. A great location once you get to grips with the roof problem and get used to the lingering corpse of Mary Sutton.. 

Believe it or not, there are actually a bit more settlement building tips and tricks discussed in this episode. There's even some advice of farming, "Fuck Melons, Fuck Gourds, Fuck Corn..", etc etc. One could almost say this was 'guidy' by Gamertroll standards!

It might mean that it's impossible to generate ad revenue, but Gamertroll is stubbornly sticking to the inclusion of Brief action segments set to proper dirty choons make a return that bookend the main tour, I hope you like 'em folks!

Gamertroll has become fascinated by Fallout 4's settlement building, stopping to build up each and every settlement location in the game. So long as it's fun, there will be tour videos for the whole of the Commonwealth in the coming weeks!

Have you built something I'd want to see, like a pier on Nordhagen? Please post the link to your vids in the comments folks.

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