Thursday, 21 January 2016

Let's Play Fallout 4: 'Red Rocket Truckstop' Gamertroll Settlement tour #4

Gamertroll's 4th Settlement tour is of the unique Red Rocket Truck stop location. The video starts off with a look at the Truckstop upon first discovery before moving on to a state of development days later.

Join Gamertroll as he tries to work out why the settlement has 23 population instead of 18, just one of the strangely overpopulated places in the Fallout 4 commonwealth!

The Video also features a couple of surprises in the form of an impromptu raider attack and a bizarre headless settler glitch!

Gamertroll has become fascinated by Fallout 4's settlement building, stopping to build up each and every settlement location in the game. So long as it's fun, there will be tour videos for of all of them in the future!

Have you built something I'd want to see? Please post the link to your vids in the comments folks.

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