Thursday, 21 January 2016

Let's Play Fallout 4: 'Nordhagen Beach' Gamertroll Settlement tour #5

Gamertroll's 5th Settlement tour is of the picturesque Nordhagen Beach location. 

Gamertroll has really gone in up to his nuts on the Nordhagen Beach build, it is literally impossible to place another fucking chair on this plot, it's totally sized-out!

Also witness the addition of action montages set to proper dirty choons which now will bookend all future Gamertroll settlement tour videos! onwards and upwards!

Gamertroll has become fascinated by Fallout 4's settlement building, stopping to build up each and every settlement location in the game. So long as it's fun, there will be tour videos for of all of them in the future!

Have you built something I'd want to see, like a pier on Nordhagen? Please post the link to your vids in the comments folks.

Music credits:
Vitalic / Rave Age / Stamina (French Maximal House genius! Every album this guy has made is worth buying and if you see him on a festival line-up you need to attend).

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