Monday, 11 January 2016

Let's Play Fallout 4: 'Hangman's Alley' Gamertroll Settlement tour #3

Ok, so here we have the 3rd installment of my settlement tours and there's a new addition to the mix. I thought a jaunt back in time to visit each virgin location, before building efforts began, would make things more entertaining. Seems to have panned out just fine.

Hangman's Alley is an odd, cramped location that's vulnerable to attack initially, but i've got big plans for this little place. Will likely do a follow up on this one if those plans are fulfilled! 

I'll keep looking to improve the quality of these vids as I produce them, gradually slotting in more and more useful building tactics and tricks into the mix

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If you've made some great Fallout 4 settlements (on Xbox One PS4 or PC!) please share the links in the comments, I want to see them folks!
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