Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Let's Play Fallout 4: Gamertroll Settlement tour vids #1 and 2# ('Starlight drive in' and 'Sanctuary')

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed Gamertroll has been AWOL since early November. parts of the site have been flickering and broken, articles and reviews had all but ceased; For that I can only offer this profound excuse: Fallout 4

Reviews were begun on several games including Halo 5 Guardians and Star Wars Battlefront, but Fallout 4 addiction is a harrowing affliction and those other game write-ups got shelved until January. (I hope to at least finish those up and publish them soon!)
Online, friends will scarcely have encountered me, save for some stints on Battlefront and Gears of War ultimate edition.

Now it just so happens that Santa delivers also to Trolls at christmas and this year a set of rather fancy Capture equipment came shuttling down the chimney. 

'Then why not do some Fallout 4 vids?', said Gamertroll's horribly addicted brain.

This first Vid started out as a capture card test and spontaneously morphed into a tour of the settlement I built at Starlight Drive-In. The mic still has some fuzz in this one, but it is the first and I wanted to preserve the smelly ad-lib nature of proceedings. 

With one settlement tour under my belt, I went ahead and made a second for my Settlement at Sanctuary where the mic reception seems to be much improved. 

Settlement construction and the massive material scavenging effort necessary to facilitate it, is one of the most addicting video game timeholes Gamertroll has ever fallen into. Once you realise that such a huge demand on an individual's time is been made by what is essentially just a metagame already housed in a prodigiously huge and gripping RPG story, you can see why has lain dormant with flicking plug-ins for over a month. Opps.

Such has been Gamertroll's obsession with settlement building that I've ended up developing about 20 locations on the map! Here's a look number 2, Sanctuary hills.

What Can I say? Building things is one great way to chill out and entertain yourself between dismembering Zombies, Supermutants, Raider Scum, Robots... and the all rest.

These are such fun to make, I'm Gonna post a silly tour vid for all Gamertroll settlements in Fallout 4 with part 2 updates on some locations should they see big improvements in the future. 

Toying with the idea of doing some other Ad-lib Let's play vids featuring some of the game's horrific destruction and violence too. Perhaps a sweep and clear on a virgin location or two? Only if it's fun of course;)

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