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Troll Preplay: METAL GEAR SOLID: THE PHANTOM PAIN - PS4(Vr played), Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC soon

Gamertroll usually deplores hype, but there are those few, rare occasions where it stops being an inadvisable, disappointment-inducing negative and instead becomes a perfect accessory. I am talking of course about those magical times when all the stars are aligned and the hype train actually arrives at a game that is fucking worthy of the ride.

With so many reviews already out there reading like a feature list or worse, a press release: who can you trust to give you the honest lowdown on just how good MGSV is?

You've seen it right? "Game of the Year!", "10/10!", "Best Game Ever!"
A sea of reviews that have been written adopting that peculiar tone of a 'theatre lovie' games journalists always seem to reserve for MGS. Kojima might be a darling of the Industry with damned good reason, but it's natural to distrust that sort of gushing hyperbole. What is your average gamer to make of it all? Will it still appeal as much to those of us who are no special fans of Hideo Kojima's inimitable blend of Stealth action and Machiavellian cutscene 'em ups?

Having already played the first 3 episodes, to say that Gamertroll would happily recommend it even to non-fans is an epic exercise in understatement. The MGS fans and newcomers alike are gonna go fucking bananas for this.

Make no mistake, MGSV is game that we as gamers can get behind and hold up as an exemplar of cinema and digital interaction combined.

Which brings us to those famous cutscenes: they certainly make a statement.
MGSV has the most harrowing opening episode Gamertroll has ever seen in a Videogame. This is a game that starts out how the best games usually finish. Many gamers will be nothing short of awestruck when they first play it.

MGS has only traditionally revealed its true brilliance to those dedicated to studiously playing it from start to finish. Those dramatic and sublime moments that so capture the hearts and minds of its fans were never easy to just load up and point out to a casual spectator.

MGSV is different. It reaches right out from the screen, gushing style and profundity at the player right from the starting blocks.
There is so much epic going on in the first episode that Gamertroll could barely process it all.

Raving about the story aside, Gamertroll must also praise the controls. They are awkward only in the sense that they have always been and if you are unfamiliar with Snake's previous outings or are just a bit rusty, you are going to look like a complete, feckless twat at times. Diving into the mud for an untimely dirt nap or crouchproning instead of some other vital action at that crucial moment are as ubiquitous player gaffs as they ever were. There is nothing buggy or wrong with the game of course: in fact MGSV has a tighter and more responsive control interface than ever seen before in the series, probably owing to the steady 60fps gameplay that the Fox Engine churns out. When you cock-up in MGSV, it has never before played out as precisely to the instruction of your fumbled button presses.

That's enough pissing about though because this is a serious time for celebration. The Gameplay is tight, every action feels meaty and substantial. The smart little touches and gadgets that infest these games are more frequent and interesting than ever before. Snake can even take a moment to make dislocated limbs reuseable mid-firefight for heaven's sake!

Video gaming has a new champion to get behind, no, rather a rejuvenated old champion to hoist over our shoulders once more. 

The medium has been pushed forward. Admittedly it's been pushed into the somewhat antiquated conceptual direction of assimilating movies but hey, wasn't that Kojima san's personal brief these past 30 years anyway? Bravo Hideo Kojima, you did it.

This is truly a wonderous occasion. Gamertroll gets to be unreservedly happy for a change, happy with the possibility that we could all be witnessing a milestone in Video gaming history. 
You see Ladies and Gents, MGSV is a revelation.

Oops, almost forgot, FucKonami.

A more thorough and level-headed no-spoiler Review of MGSV:The Phantom Pain will follow once Gamertroll's blood has cooled off a little.

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