Sunday, 17 May 2015

TROLL PREPLAY: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - PS4 (Vr played), Xbox One, PC

Looks like a nice neighbourhood..
Due to particularly fortuitous circumstances, Gamertroll has been playing The Witcher 3 over the weekend. A full review will materialise at some point soon, but the temptation to share some first impressions is too great to resist.

Not being an incredibly experienced Twitcher, It was only 2 hours into streaming The Witcher 3's gameplay yesterday (on the 'Raverstar' channel) when a viewer mentioned that it was actually a breach of DMCA guidelines. Oops! This Troll dutifully pulled the plug, concluding that in the spirit of not getting the account banned, it was probably a better Idea to share some thoughts in print.

So, Is the Witcher 3 worth picking up tomorrow? After 10 hrs of play Gamertroll would have to sound out to the affirmative. There's a lot of good stuff going on here, CD Projekt Red have created a game easily of comparable quality to Skyrim or Dragon Age: Inquisition.

To use those two games as yardsticks, it's immediately apparent that The Witcher 3 features a significantly larger map than Skyrim while offering more accessibility than Dragon Age. It's more visually attractive than either of them to boot. Those should be considered as serious achievements.

Like the previous games the voice acting and dialogue is littered with authentic, thick accents and unforced comedy. The way the player-driven plotlines are woven into play is also masterfully done.

That is not to say it's all champagne and blow jobs, even after the initial 700 MB download patch (add that to the 35GB game install) the game has some odd graphical anomalies. They may be very occaisional, but glitches like cows and horses popping up of nowhere or disappearing when the camera moves can be slightly disconcerting!

The combat mechanics are just a tad underwhelming too. They might be noticeably different to diehard fans of the Witcher series but those of us with only a passing interest could be forgiven for thinking every sword slash has been lifted directly from the Witcher 2, frame rate and all. In other words, it's a bit 'choppy' and if you didn't like the combat in The Witcher 2, you won't like it in this either.

Overall though, Gamertroll's first impressions are that it's an extremely accomplished and exciting game.

That'll do for now, save to say that the Witcher 3 is clearly a recommended purchase. The question as to whether Gamertroll agrees with all these 5 stars, 10/10, 'best game ever made' reports proliferating elsewhere in the gaming press is a matter only further play can resolve. A full and detailed spoiler-free review is in the pipe folks ;)

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