Thursday, 7 May 2015

BLOODBORNE Gamertroll Guide part 12: Beat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare (Dual Commentary)

To read Gamertroll's in-depth, no spoiler, 10/10 Review of Bloodborne just click >>>HERE

This fellow is stark raving bonkers. You could already tell that though couldn't you? It was the 3 foot Iron cage he wears over his head, wasn't it? Anyhew, killing Micolash requires a lot of chasing about down dark corridors. Gamertroll will show to how to cut that chase time down to the bare minimum so you can focus on putting this looney out of everybody's misery. You'll never believe what this guy has in his cellar.. suffice to say it's well worth searching for after you've bagged him. 

Bloodborne is a thing of terrible beauty, a game of harsh challenges, bitter punishments and exhalting triumphs. What better game for Gamertroll's first ever series of Video Guides. There will be no cinematic spoilers so you can find out how to beat the named boss you are having trouble with and get straight back to discovering the games for yourself. The main focus here will be on Beating bosses and tricky enemies with commentary tips by myself and when I can enlist her help, Mrs Gamertroll too. She started chatting on the Gasgoigne vid and I quickly realised that somebody asking the right questions adds perspective, making these guides far more valuable and besides, she sounds far better than I do!

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The embedded Guide vid below works fine but for the best quality possible click the link>>>HERE. Recommended.

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