Tuesday, 17 March 2015

TROLL NEWS: Nintendo announces codename for their new "Dedicated hardware" and some surprise plans to bring their games to smart devices and PC

Brace yourself for a cascade of artist's
impressions now we have a name.
Satoru Iwata
That Nintendo was developing a new machine will not be a revelation to long-time gamers as their 5 yr hardware development cycle is well established. What we didn't have was a name around which to consolidate all the rumour.

At a suitably tight-arsed press conference held in Japan yesterday, which as always involved a preposterous amount of measured bowing, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata officially confirmed that their next hardware project is being developed under the codename "NX" and that it represents a "brand-new concept". New details will be discussed next year, so that's all we're getting apparently.

It should however, come as a relief to fans that this announcement has reaffirmed Nintendo's continued interest in the home video game market at a time where the future of gaming hardware has some huge question marks hanging over it.

"What? There's a new
 Nintendo coming out?!"
Reggie Reggie Reggie..
Along with the unveiling of that cryptic codename, Iwata outlined plans to unite the new system with the existing 3DS and Wii U under the umbrella of their new membership system. That PC and mobile functionality was also promised is surprising in itself, but it's the plans to allow developer DeNA to develop games for smart devices featuring Nintendo characters and content that truly shocks. Gamertroll never thought he'd see the day Nintendo agreed to put Mario on a phone. It is happening though and that's straight from the horse's mouth.

Sources: IGN, Eurogamer, Polygon

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