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D is for..

Doom - I.D. software's Wolfenstein 3D may have heralded the birth of the FPS shooter but it was their second effort that made sure this titan of a genre had truly arrived. Doom swapped Nazis and Castle Wolfenstein for Demons straight from hell invading Mars and it's moons. Clever use of SFX, lighting and management of spaces unite in this revelation of game design. For nearly a decade, no real life shooting could be perpetrated without authorities implicitly blaming the influence of Doom. John D. Carmack and John Romero are widely regarded as living legends due to their involvement with the inception of Doom.

Deathmatch - By pure coincidence Doom creator John Romero is credited with coining the phrase 'Deathmatch'. Although deathmatches can come in all shapes and sizes, it is usually used to describe a free-for-all versis multiplayer match played in a FPS. Team Death match simply denotes the division of players into 2 or more opposing teams. The current technical ability to produce large Deathmatch games currently far outstrips developers abilities to design a game that keeps such a large amount of players engaged. FPS's containing as many 250 players in a game have been released to a luke warm reception, as even the most successful 60 player games like Battlefield are full of bored people twatting about or otherwise spoiling legit players efforts to win. 

Domed - gamer slang, describing a player who got headshotted in MP. Equally applicable to AI enemies.

Diakatana - John Romero's Diakatana. Meaning 'Big Sword' in Japanese, Overpromised and disastrously managed, Diakatana remains one of the biggest busts in gaming history. 'John Romero is going to make you his bitch' roared the Ad campaign whilst back in reality, the man's reputation would never recover.  

Donkey Kong - Contrary to popular belief, this 1981 release was never intended to be called Monkey Kong. Shingeru Miyamoto has said that he wanted to convey the idea of a stubborn or "Stupid Ape". Whatever the Steven Spielberg of gaming intended, He and Nintendo's chief engineer Gunpei Yokoi created a masterpiece, one of the earliest platformers with the very first cutscenes and the landmark achievement of writing a plot before a game was even programmed. Donkey Kong featured the first appearances of two of Nintendo's greatest characters, not least Shingeru Miyamoto's 'Jump Man' later known as Super Mario.

Dark Souls and Demon Souls, From software's surprise cult hit debuted on the PS3 with Demon Souls, with Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 following on multiple formats. These games gleefully beat players punch drunk with a difficulty level seemingly issued straight from Satan's own arsehole. Curiously, rather than push gamers away, it has actually resulted in a huge cult fanbase and generated an aura of weary respect amongst all gamers. The sorrowful grace of the series' sprawling interconnected environments are doubtless as key to their success as is the brutally unforgiving but precise combat. People do seem readier to accept cruelty from a beauty..

Downloadable content or DLC - what if your favourite games could be rejuvenated with new content after you had exhausted the main feature? That's what early DLC did, for a small fee you could breath life into a title you had played to death. A new campaign, a clever reworking of the original or some new maps for PVP. Then human nature happened: All the cretins and parasites moved in and buggered the whole thing up. Rather that developing content to enhance the original title, DLC is now budgeted and developed alongside the original game, arguably most DLC now is just content that would have been included with the original, stand alone product under the previously obtainable for the initial price tag. Now this core content is clumsily peeled off and repackaged as 'extras' before being sold back to us at exorbitant additional cost. Activision are the market leaders in cynical game monetization practices and can provide us with two perfect contemporary examples of this backbiting bullshit. Call of Duty games come out every October and always have 4 DLC packages of maps and a massive selection of ultimately rubbish gun-skin based microtransactions. Since Black Ops 2 we have also been expected to cough up for the formerly included Zombies subgame too. Buying all the DLC for COD now costs exponentially more than the original game price. Destiny on the other hand is a game where the very fabric of the narrative and quality of the overall game where mercilessly butchered to facilitate the sale of miserly DLC packages. Gamers are now increasingly sleepwalking into catastrophic destruction of their consumer rights by buying DLC even before the main game's release. Which takes us firmly into another area that is likewise increasingly threatening the quality of finished video games, the insidious realm of Pre-order bonuses

Defender - Back in 1880 when nearly every game seemed to be about flying spaceships and blasting aliens, Midway's concept of rescuing humans at the same time made it a shitifyingly innovative development. It was at the time. This basic 2D sidescrolling shooter has spawned a shambling procession of bewilderingly overrated, thoughtless ripoffs and reboots over the years right up to present day. You think Gamertroll is joking? Many gamers (including industry snobs, Edge magazine) think Resogun is the best exclusive game on PS4, so exclusive you can play it on PS3 too.
Yep, you heard that right. You're expected to believe THE BEST game on PS4 is a virtually unchanged 35yr old game plonked in a goldfish bowl. Feel free to join me in the rolling of the eyes ritual.

David Braben - Genius game developer responsible for creating a game truly ahead of it's time. Elite first released for the BBC micro, used wireframe 3D visuals to bring us a sandbox space exploration game set across a mind bogglingly huge galaxy... In 1984. You could now store the data used to program that entire game and vast galaxy into 1000th of the space a single smartphone photograph now takes up. Braben has most recently directed a successfully crowd-funded project to bring the title up to date. The Fruit of his labour? The colossal beauty, Elite: Dangerous.

Death chase - Zx Spectrum game released in 1983. A.K.A. 3D Death Chase. When speaking of games that are ahead of their time it's hard not to mention the forerunner of all first person perspective racing games - Nominated in 1992 by Your Sinclair magazine for the best Spectrum game of all time. There is an exclusive club of games that are so far ahead their time that nobody even remembers them - Death chase is one such title and has you racing through increasingly dense forests by day and night chasing rival bikers and trying to shoot them. Who cares why, it was boss.

Double fine productions - Tim Schaffer's studio created after the dissolution of Lucasarts. Mostly made up of the former team behind Grim Fandango, Double fine is best known for Psychonauts and having a logo with a two-headed baby known as 2HB.

Destiny- notorious 2014 release. A sub MMO with the usual grinding for goods mechanic, placed on Halo's base combat system. Reputed to be the most expensive endeavour in the history of entertainment, sweeping aside all previous production bills for cinema and Video gaming, it cost a whopping 500 million to shit out. Despite a seriously Lukewarm reception by critics, Destiny has nevertheless succeeded in securing a sizeable fanbase. A sizeable movement toward a cheesing Metagame has also emerged with some pundits suggesting the whole exploit process has been carefully orchestrated by Bungie all along. If only actually playing the game legit was more fun than relentlessly exploiting it.

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Gamertroll Loves video gaming so much that the temptation to do an especially sarcastic and cynical personal version of it's all-time A-Z has proved too much to resist. 

It could just be the most fun ever or equally the most backbreaking task taken on since King James suggested having the Bible translated into Swahili. Time will be the decider because it's happening!

Either way, this A-Z is a mammoth undertaking and to start with at least, each new letter tackled will only have a frame work to begin 'fleshing-out' as other entries come to mind.

The plan here is to present a comprehensive A-Z featuring the most significant Games, Video game lore and Characters, Industry figures, Game companies and associated cultural phenomenon; whilst slotting in amusing 'did you know'-style Video gaming trivia and links leading to relevant articles and Reviews found elsewhere on Gamertroll.uk
Please feel free to point out, "Oi Gamertroll, you've missed a bit!"
If you want to add something you see missing or you simply can't believe that your favourite game isn't listed, post a comment below and Gamertroll will add it - with a credit should you so wish.

For example:
Command and Conquer - A.k.a. C+C, seminal entry into the top-down Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) genre. In the interest of censorship the German version of the game had tiny robots instead humans LOL! etc etc etc.
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See? In that way you can attach your name to your favourite A-Z entry. Very much looking forward to your suggestions. (Please limit suggestions to Letters already published or Gamertroll's head might explode).

Note Gamertroll reserves the right to disregard entries not deemed relevant enough.

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