Thursday, 13 November 2014

MARIOKART 8 DLC PACK 1: Gamertroll Review - Wii U exclusive

Not content having already made the first truly unmissable game this hardware generation, Nintendo's first DLC pack also proves to be a magnificent example of how to nail the execution of additional content.

Amongst the roaring applause and calls for an Encore to Mariokart 8's release earlier in May, Nintendo could have just taken a bow and repeated a trick from the main performance.

But they didn't. perhaps the recent celebration of the Company's 125 year anniversary provides some explanation why Nintendo has come knee-skidding back onstage to continue their stunning Hendix-esque solo.

If Gamertroll isn't being clear enough, Mariokart 8's first DLC pack is dynamite. Not one developmental shortcut has been taken, wonderfully referenced innovations abound - Gamertroll chuckled to himself in glee the first time he realised the glowing pit-strips in Mute city rapidly topped-up his coin count. Every track brings new creativity to the game as a whole.

Thanks to Destiny, the latter part of this year has been defined by debate within the gaming community about the value of downloaded content (DLC) and what constitutes fair practice in the developer and publisher implementation of it.

Here we are witnessing Nintendo doing DLC the way it should be done, not planned DLC hacked off the original game and sold back to us later, but clear additions only provided because fans wanted an encore. Why does Gamertroll say this? Because Mariokart always has 32 tracks - now we have 8 more with another 8 coming next year; this is genuinely additional content.

Only when Nintendo saw the runaway success of Mariokart 8 did they opt to create these fantastic DLC packages. Packages that incidentally cost half the price of Destiny's stingey upcoming 'strike packs'.

As Gamertroll explains this there are still far too many people who are missing out on Nintendo's stunning game. The 10/10 review scores are still being greeted by many non-Wii U owners with choruses of, 'I don't like Nintendo games' and I'm not interested in Mariokart 8'. There's the video gaming equivalent of, 'NO, I hate sex', Utter denial.

Of course, nobody would want to play the best edition of one of the most famously sensational games in video gaming history! Yeah! I'm feeling sick of fun too!

Don't want to buy a Wii U? That's fair enough, but it won't change the fact you'll be missing out on one of the top three games of the current generation - probably THE best.

Here's exactly what you get in this package: 

The 2 new cups: Egg Cup and Triforce Cup

Those new 8 tracks in brief summary:
Mute city (brilliantly faithful to F-zero's thrills with it's trademark thrash metal soundtrack and devious speed boosts), 
Yoshi Circuit (a technical course with challenging bends and shortcuts), 
Excitebike Arena (a deadly mix of simple, wide open spaces, jumps and item warfare) 
Dragon Driftway (As the name suggests a real test of Drift mastery along a Great Wall of China, packed with adverse cambers), 
Wario's Gold Mine (An obstacle-riddled roller coaster with elements from the old Boo tracks),
Rainbow Road (A faithful re-imagining of the hardcore 150cc classic)
Ice Ice Outpost (Multiple route madness through zero G)
Hyrule circuit (A sublime piece of fan service with Rupees instead of coins!).

3 new drivers: Link (outstanding addition), Tanooki Mario (!), Cat Peach (why?)

4 new karts and accessories: F-zero's blue thunder, Tanooki Kart, Link's Master Cycle and the B Dasher.

Also added in update: Amiibo figurine support features and unlockables - Gamertroll has no idea about these bloody figures, sorry!

By virtue of this loving DLC package Mariokart 8 is elevated from an already damn near perfect 9.5 to an unmissable 10/10 - buy a Wii U just to play it.

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