Monday, 6 October 2014

Troll Video: WipEout 2048 intro

This a prime example of how to knock a player's socks off with an intro. Gamertroll misses WipEout so much - how long will it be before Gamers are blessed with a new Super-trendy Sci-fi racing game?

If you're waiting for a Wipeout title, take a seat next to Gamertroll because Sony have finally finished killing off Liverpool Studios.

Liverpool studios helped make Playstation cool and pushed gamer demographics into the mid-twenties and what do they get? Canned. There's gratitude.

Now Evolution studios have suffered layoffs despite their PS4 exclusive game 'Drive club' not even having left the blocks.

-Then Consider bulk layoffs at Cambridge's Guerilla Studios and SCE London and you have to ask: 'What has Sony got against their British Developers?'

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