Friday, 12 September 2014

Guest Blogspot by KamokaziUK - Hands-on preview of 'The Evil Within'

At half past 6 yesterday evening I had the chance to pop in to my local Game store and try the new game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, The Evil Within... The part of the game available to us was from what the rep from Bethesda described was about half way in, Chapter 9, which after getting though the initial black and white walking section takes us to and asylum of some sorts which the protagonist, veteran police detective Sebastian Castellanos describes as
familiar even though he's never been here before. Due to the lack of prior information I can't say whether this is a dig at prior resident evil games or that a dream scene earlier in the game shows that he has been or will be visiting.
After opening the front door of the asylum the game takes control briefly to show a young person being taken by a scientist, dragging her though a set of double doors with and elaborate locking mechanism setting up the main part of the demo. Three pipes run in three different directions sending you on a tour of the building. Now with control of the game it is now obvious that this part was almost lifted from the original resident Evil, the double staircase leading to doors, the side room being a dining room of sorts, the puzzle of the locked door from the RE remake. I'm not going any further into spoiler territory but the tasks at hand here are to disable the elaborate locking mechanisms by finding three severed heads being experimented on while avoiding the dangers within.

These vary from experimented on people that need to be burned to stop them from getting back up to ghosts and apparitions immune to gunfire. By no means am I a hardened gamer, the Playable Teaser of Silent Hills recently released on the Playstation Network for PS4 scared the crap out of me as also Outlast does, but apart from a single jump scare this fails to bring out the cold dread to pick up the pad. Overall I found the experience a little boring and not the Survival Horror that I was expecting. I'm a Sony man at
heart, but I do own an Xbox 360. The demo was played on an Xbox One running the demo shown at Gamescom in Germany earlier this year. PSN ID: Kamokazi-UK Xbox Gamertag:

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  1. Special thanks to KamokaziUK for sharing his insight into this exciting upcoming release!