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GRAN TURISMO 6 Vs. FORZA MOTORSPORT 5 (PART 2 of 2)- GamerTrollreviews - Xbox One Exclusive Vs. PS3 Exclusive

Last week in PART 1 we left things close with GT6 just coming out on top 3/2 when comparing strengths. Gamertroll will now take you through the final five rounds to find our eventual Victor.

Loading loading loading. Get used to it. Both titles have appalling load times before racing can commence and in particular FZ5 should hang it's head in shame - it's supposed to be next gen. The GT6 intro sequence is a modern great, whilst FM5's is an impressive but less entertaining love letter to it's own obsessive textural detail. FM5 manages to give the impression of bigger/better/more but never seems to express actual passion for the cars in the way GT6 does.
FM5 couldn't even import that passion by licensing Topgear: each presenter's car commentary sounds uncharacteristically dry and humorless. Even the Stig's inclusion similarly misses it's potential.

Pfft! GT6 subheads itself 'The real driving simulator' and FM5 is often reported to be more realistic but Gamertroll can't tell the difference. Some prefer one to the other for little more reason than that of their individual series familiarity, I.e. how good they are at playing them. It's too subjective to call. Let's call that a draw.
1 point each.

Campaign modes/menus
Massive campaigns all round. Both games will take a geological epoch to complete and are constantly being extended. GT6's sprawling campaign set has obvious menu paths, appearing as bite-sized chunks making it straight forward and a pleasure to navigate from the outset.
By comparison, FM5 is initially cluttered and confusing. It's not that the campaign is smaller or less varied, It's the poor integration of car-perving screens and campaign menus and sub menus. It's not intuitive. You keep thinking, 'how did I get here, what cup is this?'
At first Gamertroll kept quitting back to the title screen when trying to view cars. Logging back in and syncing the Drivatar, every time, really chaffed my trollbutt.

Online modes and multiplayer
Both are 2-16 player online but as usual you'll rarely see more than 10 players in a lobby. So far so normal.
I'll fess up here, I simply haven't had any serious time to fully test out these modes, but with sufficient amount of scouting I can report that they both function competently enough. It's obvious immediately though that FM5 has a noticeable edge in this category Drivatar features, Myriad car paint job customisations and a more solid online experience courtesy of Xbox live. I'd even go as far to say that FM5 has the potential to be better online than the Project Gotham games if it could only secure as large a community. Any comparison between PSN and Xbox Live is always Controversial, with the loudest voices issuing from gamers who don't use them both. Gamertroll uses both and On FM5 Xbox live provides a smoother and more communicative experience than PSN does for GT6. 

Additional downloadable content
FM5's Rolls Royce 2014 Silver Wraith
This one is a biggie for games like this. FM5 has sack loads of cars added to its roster often. Even the new Rolls Royce has finally made it's first video gaming appearance this month as a free downloadable gift car. The problem is that these gift cars are rare, the tight sods force purchase of most additional cars, even the source disk at launch was full of cars that once picked informed you that you need to complete a micro transaction payment just to use them. No amount of in-game achievement will unlock those cars for free and it leaves a bad taste in Gamertroll's mouth. There in lies the road to damnation and loses FM5 the round. GT6 conversely gives you all the regularly added downloadable cars for free, you just have to do earn them by winning special, timed-seasonal events. GT6 does have micro transactions but that's purely to allow losers to pay cash for in-game credits. If you hopeless or lazy this facilitates merely a shortcut to super car attainment. There are more cars in GT6 to start with and the trickle of trial earned cars and additional themed campaigns like the Ayrton Senna
GT6's 2014 Golf GTI
historical trophy are better and more engaging than the costly Forza
updates. The only downside here is the PSN networks appalling update times, you can turn on the PS3 thinking, 'I really fancy a game of GT6', only to be greeted by a series of enforced update screens which you can't do in the background and depending on your harddrive can take all night. Great. Wanted to play PS3 and now it's just an electricity gobbling, noisey paperweight for eight hours.

In conclusion
What really matters is what they're like to live with over time. Time is hard on FZ5, in time you realise it has no soul. Put it on a shelf next to GT6 and you'll hardly ever want to boot it up, because in direct comparison there is a perceivable void of charisma. Gamer troll is especially careful never to review on first impressions alone for this very reason. Its amazing how the novelty can just fall off particular games. FZ5 is one such game.

So, there it is, picking any winner out of these two will always be a contentious job, but Gamertroll's victor is GT6, By some margin too. When you break it down like this and carefully inspect each element, GT6 looks better by each moment. 
As things currently stand, if you like console racing games your still better off playing your old PS3 than Xbox One or PS4.

David beats Goliath
Gran Turismo 6 9/10  Forza Motorsport 5 7.5/10

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