Thursday, 21 August 2014

TROLL NEWS: Oculus rift leaves Lunar software chucking in a bucket

Lunar software, developer of PC title 'routine' has put all further work incorporating the controversial Oculus rift virtual reality headset on hold 'indefinitely' because it was making everyone at the studio bilious with motion sickness.

Great. Even putting aside what a royal berk you look using one, now you'll also have chowder glistening on your chin.

Whilst the small, 4-man development team were keen to stress that they may review the inclusion of VR closer to release, it sounds SO unlikely now that I'd bet my cave on it's ultimate exclusion. Surely the VR element couldn't work anyway if they simply 'tack it on' at the end of Routine's development cycle. Such a feature would clearly have to be an ongoing consideration during production.

Lunar's first person sci-fi horror game was looking quite an intriguing prospect, but without the Oculus Rift support? Not so much.

The million dollar question now is what does this mean for the future of Oculus Rift? Are Lunar Software's woes an early indicator of a wider problem with the headset or can it all be put down to the inability of a small dev team to implement it into their software? 

Oculus Rift has already been in the doghouse with thousands of it's original Kickstarter supporters after it's subsequent shifty sell off to big business; now if nobody can use it without barfing all over the shop, we could be looking at yet another massive VR bubble fail.

What do you think?

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