Friday, 29 August 2014

TROLL NEWS: The little known 'violent and mature' Final Fantasy game, 'FF type-0 HD' has been announced for PS4 and XboxOne

I say little known because even if you did know about 2011's Japanese only PSP release of FF type-0, unless you speak fluent Japanese, you won't have been able to play it or figure out what in the Dickens was going on. The Japanese did have splendid fun by all accounts, so now we're getting it.

Although this is yet another HD reworking of an older game at least this time it involves a massively intensive translation effort and it's actually bringing most of us a quality game we HAVEN'T PLAYED BEFORE.

I've been a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series in the past and like many have felt the whole brand go off the boil in the last decade. You used to play FF calling people over to look at how cool it was and somehow we've ended up in a situation where being found playing one is as embarrassing as being spotted playing with dolls.

Anyway, all that nonsense is due to stop with FF type-0 because the word 'mature' is being thrown about with abandon. The super fast combat is more like Devil may Cry or Bayonetta to watch. The game askews the usual doey-eyed main protagonist with hair styled by Vanden-Graff, rather there are 14 of them who all travel together. Don't get too excited at that though as you will still only operate 3 avatars at a time in the battles.

Sadly the game will not be the most visually accomplished of FF games as it is just a highly polished 2011 handheld game but quality counts and the shake up it will bring to the series is well overdue. Release dates TBA

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