Wednesday, 27 August 2014

TROLL NEWS: Mario kart 8 to get two additional DLC packs in November

Gamertroll Can't remember being more excited over DLC, if the soon to be released Mercedes kart add-on was not enough, Today Nintendo has confirmed forthcoming plans to release 2 newly announced Mario kart 8 updates. 8 new drivers previously never seen in the Mario kart series and 4 whole new cups that'll take the total tally up to 48 bloody tracks! want to play as Link from Legend of Zelda or hare off in a Blue Falcon from F-Zero? it's happening. Gamers have never seen Mario kart graced with  so many gorgeous tracks. What a time to deliver them when the series has reached such a high bar in quality.

Why is the Troll so uncharacteristically enthusiastic? because in an Industry where it has now become the norm to be sold additionaI content produced at the same time as the game itself (i.e. content you should have got in the bleeding first place), I just can't remember the last time a developer's announcement was so unexpected and over-delivering in scope.

Mario kart 8 is easily the best game on the current generation of consoles and the news it will be getting bigger is sensational good fortune.

I reviewed the game at 9.5/10 only deducting for the petty niggle that it gave up it's 32 tracks too easily. Once this new DLC has landed in November for pack 1 and May 2015 for pack 2 with their 16 extra tracks I will most likely have to revise that score..

Still haven't picked up the cheap as chips Wii U console, what the hell are you playing at home slice?

Footnote: Prepay for the additional content and you will qualify for 7 different coloured Yoshi and Shyguy driver skins, no great shakes but you might as well if your getting it anyway. I'm sold.

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