Tuesday, 9 May 2017

40 too old for Competitive Gears 4? Stick this in your pipe! Road to Gol...

Action clip montage from RAVERSTAR's competitive Season 1 MAY '17 - Road to Escalation Gold rank tier 3!!

With all Pro circuit Gears players being in their teens and early twenties you'd be forgiven for thinking ranked competitive gears is an impossible battle against the scientifically confirmed cyborg reactions of the wunder kids. Perhaps to some extent that's true, but Gears isn't your average multiplayer shooter! Knowledge and general craftiness can cancel out speed in this game. 

With most of my veteran Gears comrades turning their pads in, defeated by age even before this new ranked season had begun, I've got other ideas.


Friday, 3 March 2017

PSVR didn't make me vomit, and other revelations.

It's a fact I'm late to the VR party: it's just never looked like a good idea sober, so I bought-in while drunk. Job done.

After using PSVR for many hours, my worst fear has been allayed: I didn't puke. Out of everything so far only EVE: Valkyrie made me queasy, but I reckon that was more down to my appalling piloting!
The important take away is that acute motion sickness sufferers like me don't have to miss out after all. If Nausea is going to be a factor, it'll not be the case for most VR games and is more owing to the level of control (or lack thereof) you have over your avatar. Looking sideways and even snatching a glance out of the back window in Driveclub feels as natural as doing so in a real car and I felt jubilant overall, it changes the game completely.

Some bad news though: Set up is a chore, with at least 6 more cables to weave into the mess you probably already have. Worse, I spent at least another 45 sweaty minutes troubleshooting after initial setup, swearing at the sky and trying to find out wtf was making the headset display stutter off and on occasionally. Once I'd eventually identified the offending HDMI cable, swapping it out for another, things went somewhere else.
Somewhere excellent. A place I've been waiting to go since watching Tron as a kid back in the 80s..

VR is a whole new playscape:
I messed around menu screens for far too long, menus made of stuff like water bubbles and planets with gravitationally attracted asteroid rings (playing around with a planetoid is mesmerising); I shot bad guys while closing one eye to aim (try not doing that); luged lengthways under a truck like a twat; picked up, lit and smoked a cigar only to find you really drag in and blow out smoke accurately to the real thing (that feels so fucked-up and certainly a stronger smoke than Silkcuts); gleefully sanded my controller against a grinding wheel with gorgeous sparks flying every where;

Friday, 17 February 2017

Gamertroll's GEARS OF WAR 4 : Brutal PvP Showreel#4

Best Show reel yet for me, with an insane set of evasions recorded for prosperity. Had fun packing 6 tunes into this 4.35 montage too! Getting the odd compliment message from strangers now. After years of turning in a consistently average performance on Gears of War, things are on the up! I found Gears was always amazeballs before, but now it's opening up even more. Addicted. The standard edition of Gears of War 4 (all you need really) is criminally cheap right now, You can buy it here>>Gears Of War 4 (Xbox One)

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Why I 'effing love Gears of War 4! Gamertroll PvP weekly Show reel #1

I've been playing Gears for years and years, but far from being one of those virtuoso players, I've found a happy niche as a dedicated amateur. Bloody Hell I love the multiplayer in this game, there's nothing else quite like it in the world of gaming! I hope you enjoy this first of my weekly showreels, I am dedicated to progressively improving them as time goes on!

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Escaping the Swamp of Farron Keep #17 Dark Souls 3 blind playthrough -Black knight, crystal Lizard

In Episode 17 I find that opening the huge doors and exiting the swamp of Farron keep opens up a number of paths. One leads toward an sword fight between eternal enemies being fought before a mysterious door, another freshly opened route links back with the filthy Basilisk crab infested swamp area at the end of the Road of Sacrifices, and the last leads back into a previously undiscovered area of the blasted swamp I just left. 

Not wishing to miss out on any potential spoils, I scour the swamp and as usual with this game find more than I was bargaining for!

This is episode 17 of Gamertroll's fully commentated, Blind playthrough of Dark Souls 3. I'll be editing out only the farming of old areas, loading screens and any fiddling around in the menus. Every area and story reveal, every death, every fuck up, is committed to 1080p HD capture for your viewing pleasure!

You have my word that this is a completely virgin playthrough with no recon or prior viewings of gameplay footage ahead of recording. I have no idea about secrets, boss strategies or even what the hell NPC characters and items are about. Yes, I am prepared to die A LOT!

If You like these Dark souls videos, take a look at Gamertroll's Bloodborne boss guides! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8zag...

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