Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Gamertroll's Gaming Diary 5th Feb. XB1X and PS4 Today!

XB1X: Gears of War 4 
Gears Gears Gears, my daily fix. Pinched a blood-soaked Quad kill in a King of the Hill match on Foundation and hung my Elite controller up for the night. Job done! Did I say buy Gears 4? I am not attempting to force anyone here, consider it more a blatant act of coercion!
Buy Gears Of War 4 (Xbox One)

Off to another bloodbath

PS4: Gran Turismo Sport
Plumbed next for a bit of car love. Not as much of a fan of this one as I am of Forza Horizon 3, but it has received a wealth of new cars, tracks and campaign races to fix the rather barren menus at launch. It is a beautiful game, its care for the subject matter elevates it above the norm and nearest rival Forza Motorsport 7, in my view.
These Photo Juxtapositions are fine addition to the GT series, you can create your own!

Anyhew, after goggling awhile at the cars in the menus, I decided to get some more of the boring driving school tasks behind me. I soon remembered that it was a fool’s errand, with the game spending more time loading between trials than I was spending actually driving. Grabbed a few golds and switched it off, making a mental note to make sure the PSVR was plugged in next time I fire it up. GT Sport’s VR arcade mode and car viewer is Ok.
Buy Gran Turismo: Sport - PS4
AArggh, So many.

XB1X: Tales From The Borderlands
Picking up where we left off, my wife and I played Season 1 episode 2. These Telltale games are much of a muchness, in that they are all terrifically well written and always do their source material justice. The interactive nature is limited, but the player has a decisive hand in what happens in these interactive TV boxsets. How do you play them as a couple? I handle the quicktime events, but only choose a dialogue option at the last moment if my wife hasn’t called one out. As it turns out, Telltale games are nothing like road maps and are actually an enjoyable participation event for man and wife! In summation, Tales from the Borderlands is just as much fun as The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. And far better than the Back to the Future one they did, not sure why that game burnt such a streaky skidmark from their stable.
Buy Tales From The Borderlands (Xbox One)
In my defence, I had much better screengrabs but they corrupted. So suck it.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Gamertroll's gaming Diary 4/1/18 Xbox and Switch today!

Forza Horizon 3: XB1X

Been playing this enhanced motherfucker plenty lately. One of my fave driving games ever now. How did it do it? Sensation of speed. Freedom. Graphical fidelity and crucially a ‘who gives a fuck’ attitude to game progression. What do you want to do? Horizon 3 is going to shower you with new content whatever you do, so long as its something cool and skillful. Truthfully, It might just give you a bunch of stuff if you’re shite too, but all the better I say! Spotify running on background and Forza 3 Horizon: chillout gaming bliss.

Monster Hunter World XB1X

So I put my work hat on and went Hunting. My hunting associate, Bruise Monkey, has gone and got some farming time up on me this morning so I thought best to run some expeditions and gather some gear, kit and ingredients. All went well, and I was reminded what a fantastic world Monster Hunter.. er.. World, has. So much to pick up and harvest, it is just too much too take! Me like loot, this beautiful game gives me more loot than my brain can even process. Huzzah!

Nights into Dreams: XB360

Tried this one out today for shits and giggles: turns out I got mostly shits. I mean to say that Nights into dreams is a pile of fucking shit and it always was. I had it on Sega Saturn, collectable. Shit. Still have Christmas Nights on a disc someplace. Also shit. Be good to yourself and never play this dickless bollocks. If any game serves as a motif for a time where game developers had no idea what to do with 3D, then it’s Sega’s Nights into Dreams. The bullshit camera, the ridiculous maneuvering required to catch hoops using a totally inept control mechanic? Sonic Team sure fucked this one up. The game did however give me a 40G achievement on the first level: ‘witness the birth’ of some stupid tweedle-dumber-shaped angel-thing. Bonus!
Switched it off.

Split Second: XB360
Have a go at this, I thought. What a pleasant surprise this one turned out to be. I thought I played this game once back in the day, but it didn’t make the impression it did today.
Bizarre car handling, more like Ridge Racer or even Ray Tracers (if you remember that old PSX game), makes for a fun drift mechanic that boosts one’s ability to launch environmental explosions like tankers and construction sites and petrol stations, viscerally wrecking opponents Burnout-style without even touching them! Loadsa fun, recommend ppl play it, honestly.

Gears of War 4: XB1X
Got my daily 200credits for winning a match as usual. PvE Co-op warm up, with one PvP after that. Keeps me handy at it. I’ve plenty to say about Gears 4 multiplayer, but not today. Neeeeext!

Mario Odyssey: Nintendo Switch

Crammed in some Moons before bedtime. I reckon this game is the best Mario title since Mario 64. I even entertain the idea it is better.. whisper it.

So that was my gaming day. What should I play tomorrow? I am open to suggestions! Goodnight!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

40 too old for Competitive Gears 4? Stick this in your pipe! Road to Gol...

Action clip montage from RAVERSTAR's competitive Season 1 MAY '17 - Road to Escalation Gold rank tier 3!!

With all Pro circuit Gears players being in their teens and early twenties you'd be forgiven for thinking ranked competitive gears is an impossible battle against the scientifically confirmed cyborg reactions of the wunder kids. Perhaps to some extent that's true, but Gears isn't your average multiplayer shooter! Knowledge and general craftiness can cancel out speed in this game. 

With most of my veteran Gears comrades turning their pads in, defeated by age even before this new ranked season had begun, I've got other ideas.


Friday, 3 March 2017

PSVR didn't make me vomit, and other revelations.

It's a fact I'm late to the VR party: it's just never looked like a good idea sober, so I bought-in while drunk. Job done.

After using PSVR for many hours, my worst fear has been allayed: I didn't puke. Out of everything so far only EVE: Valkyrie made me queasy, but I reckon that was more down to my appalling piloting!
The important take away is that acute motion sickness sufferers like me don't have to miss out after all. If Nausea is going to be a factor, it'll not be the case for most VR games and is more owing to the level of control (or lack thereof) you have over your avatar. Looking sideways and even snatching a glance out of the back window in Driveclub feels as natural as doing so in a real car and I felt jubilant overall, it changes the game completely.

Some bad news though: Set up is a chore, with at least 6 more cables to weave into the mess you probably already have. Worse, I spent at least another 45 sweaty minutes troubleshooting after initial setup, swearing at the sky and trying to find out wtf was making the headset display stutter off and on occasionally. Once I'd eventually identified the offending HDMI cable, swapping it out for another, things went somewhere else.
Somewhere excellent. A place I've been waiting to go since watching Tron as a kid back in the 80s..

VR is a whole new playscape:
I messed around menu screens for far too long, menus made of stuff like water bubbles and planets with gravitationally attracted asteroid rings (playing around with a planetoid is mesmerising); I shot bad guys while closing one eye to aim (try not doing that); luged lengthways under a truck like a twat; picked up, lit and smoked a cigar only to find you really drag in and blow out smoke accurately to the real thing (that feels so fucked-up and certainly a stronger smoke than Silkcuts); gleefully sanded my controller against a grinding wheel with gorgeous sparks flying every where;

Friday, 17 February 2017

Gamertroll's GEARS OF WAR 4 : Brutal PvP Showreel#4

Best Show reel yet for me, with an insane set of evasions recorded for prosperity. Had fun packing 6 tunes into this 4.35 montage too! Getting the odd compliment message from strangers now. After years of turning in a consistently average performance on Gears of War, things are on the up! I found Gears was always amazeballs before, but now it's opening up even more. Addicted. The standard edition of Gears of War 4 (all you need really) is criminally cheap right now, You can buy it here>>Gears Of War 4 (Xbox One)